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June 2015 - Shooting of the film started - Puglia/Apulia, Italy!

Here I am. I landed in Bologna, Italy, flying from Palo Alto, in the San francico Bay Area of California, ready and glad to join my family and my old and new friends in Puglia. After driving all the way down in the south, I finally reach these wondefful lands. A place that I deeply love, a place that reminds my chidhood and my summers spent wondering around with my cousins, in search of new adventures. Wrestling on the sand of beautiful transparent waters or playing with sticks and knives lot in olive trees plantations or in dusty and rocky valleys. Here I am back again. I arrived in Trani, where I will spend my next week, together with Master Domenico Mancino, to live the tradition of the school Cielo e Meraviglia, and exploring with him the dry and lost lands of the Ofatine valley. I will then continue to Manfredonia, to enter the doors of the Knights of Humility.

I will join first Master Luciano Trimigno and his Family first and then Giuseppe Vuovolo and his family. I will be eventually on the road again, driving all the way south to the end fo Italy, reaching the Salento, to meet with my friend Davide Monaco and the circle of Masters of the Scherma Salentina.

So here we are. So it begins...

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