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Cavalieri d'Umilta'

Vuovolo School

Evolving traditions 

learning by direct teachings and fighting, Master Vuovolo evolved what inherited from his family and his masters 


From Mafredonia, related to the "Cavalieri d'Umilita'" (knights of humility), is the school of Master Giuseppe Vuovolo. A School rooted in codes of honor, ancient warrior ethics and ways, sacrifice for the weak, fighting for the Truth. His knife, stick and free hand combat and fencing methods evolved and differentiated from the original school, and is also based on his personal experience with different Italian masters and experts he met or fought during his younger life travelling in south of Italy across Puglia, Calabria, Sicilia, Campania, Basilicata, Molise. His stick fencing school tradition in particular was passed to him by Master Borgia (born in 1930 and still alive) at a young age. He also learned fighting arts with knife and sticks from Aupilian Gipsies. Master Vuovolo is also an expert in other martial arts, who practices and teaches since the seventies. 

Grand Master Giuseppe Vuovolo

           Maestro Vuovolo Michele                       10:02:1905

Master Giuseppe Vuovolo and other Masters of his lineage in Manfredonia since XIX century

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