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Apulia, land of beauty, history and flavors

I redescover flavours and tastes that were lost in my mind. What a pleasure being back in these lands, where my dad grew up, where I spent my summers as a child. Where for centuries tradtion of swords, sticks, kives, honor survived until the present day.. A land, where the knights templars lived and ruled. Where epic battles signed the history, such as the Battle of Canne, in which the numerically superior Roman army suffered a disastrous defeat by Hannibal in 216 BC durint the Punic War. Where duels for honor and justice danced in the streets for the past three hundread years.

I felt like at home. And I was, among my own family members I haven's seen in a long time, and among the Masters and dear friends. I met some of this masters over than 15 years ago, and with anyone I felt once again like at home. No matter what, I thank you all. The time I spend with you is always wonderful, and I always feel welcome as a member of your family.

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