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Itallian Martial Arts
Italian Martial Arts
Italian Martial Arts
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Italian Martial Arts
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Italian Martial Arts
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Italian Martial Arts
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Italian Martial Arts
Italian Martial Arts
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Italian Martial Arts
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Italian Martial Arts
Italian Martial Arts
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Italian Martial Arts
Italian Martial Arts
First Chapter on the tradition:
"Cielo &
has been released!
find it HERE
Watch the video trailer
Trailer Premier
@WMAW, Chicago:

September 19th 2015


Official teaser release:

October 1st 2015


Official trailer release:

November 1st 2015


Unlocked the 4 schools'private pages:

November 17th 2015


First Chapter released:

February 14th 2021


Next - Manfredonia and Salento

the following chapters

Video under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
4 schools - 4 legacies
One Italian region,
Puglia (Apulia) 
Centuries of traditions

this is the first documentary where the masters of Apulian martial art traditions are publicly exposing their stories and their arts of knife and stick fencing, and of unarmed combat methods, after centuries of secrecy.



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